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Dietitian Confessions

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Dietitian Confessions

So I have a few things to fess up about, my Diva Dietitian Confessions. 

Here is the Skinny…

Dietitian NUtritionist Secrets Dietitian ConfessionsI’m telling you this because sometimes when people hear you are a Dietitian, they think you eat perfect all of the time.  They envision you eating salads and tofu or granola and cottage cheese every day.  They see a food scale on your kitchen counter and a big bowl of fruit.

At picnics and parties, friends watch you fill your plate.  And those french fries they would normally put on their plate are replaced by fruit or yep….a salad (But only if you are watching.)  Thoughts of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies or a potato chip entering your lips is not what they see.

picture Source: shannoneileenblog.typepad.com via Jenn on Pinterest

Here is the Skinny… Dietitians are not perfect.  Maybe some, but not me.

  • The reality is I CRAVE desserts and LOVE potato chips just like anybody else.  When I was pregnant, I would down a whole bag of those tangy salt and vinegar chips in one sitting.  And If chocolate Mousse is on the menu- it’s all mine.
  • With the exception of a few random Yoga classes I have taken over the last few years, I have not worked out or really exercised in almost eight years…until this past Sunday.  That’s right, 8 years with no formal exercise routine in place.

The fact is it’s easy to ignore what’s good for you when life gets busy and chaotic, no matter who you are or what you do for a living.

  • From time to time, I’ve been know to skip breakfast drinking only a cup of coffee (eh hem…or  3 cups) with REAL half & half (because I think fat free creamer or skim milk in coffee sucks!)  And I use REAL sugar.  Honestly, some days I don’t even realize that I haven’t eaten until my stomach growls to an embarrassing roar.  It’s obviously mad at me.
  • When I was working my full time Sales Job, a meal was sometimes a pastry from the box I was bringing my customers (or a cake pop!)  And this was, of course, after a trip through the Starbucks window,”I’ll have a Grande Cafe Mocha Please.”  Notice I did not say, “Skinny Grande No Whip No Sugar 1/2 Caf Mocha” Because… that would not be worth $3.89.
  • Working full time is very hard when you have little kids up at night interrupting your sleep.   For a while, I was hopelessly addicted to caffeine.  I could drink a whole pot in before leaving the house, really I could.  The coffee was also not black- full of real sugar and half & half.
  • If you see me out grocery shopping and my kids are VERY well behaved.  Know that I may be slipping them M&Ms in the cart.
  • And last, but not least, I love a good glass of wine or a delicious martini.  Although I would recommend no more than one drink per day to you, there are times when I’m out (or home) having fun or on a Friday night that I’ll pour myself a second or third glass.

Woo…got all of that off my chest!

I actually hesitated to publish this post for fear that you may think I am some sort of hypocrite,  like a shoemaker with barefoot kids OR an overweight Heart Surgeon who eats French Fries and needs a triple bypass surgery.

It’s sort of lovely thinking that somebody out there may think I’m a perfect eater, an elite role model of health and fitness.  Most days I am a very good role model.  But I have those days when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed just like anyone else.

I’m sure there may be a few other health sins that have committed too.  The difference between my “sins” is that I know the ramifications of eating horribly and living an unhealthy life.  And because of the knowledge, I don’t let the behavior catapult into a viscous cycle that could lead to obesity or clogged arteries.  I just don’t let my sins become a habit.

If I eat a doughnut, I don’t feel guilty AND I don’t eat the whole box.  I may not have had any formal exercise plan in the past eight years, but I play outside with my kids and generally lead a pretty active life.  When I make gooey desserts, I share them with friends.  And I make sure that they are “worth” the calories.  When I drink wine, I enjoy it.

I hope that by knowing that I make poor choices from time to time, makes it easier for people to ask me questions or feel okay about telling me the truth about their health habits.  The last thing I would want is a client to come to me and tell me lies in a 24-48 hour food recall or mis-spell F-R-ench fries as F-R-U-I-T.

The first part of making healthy changes in our lives is finding our areas of weakness.  Once we know our own truths, it is only then that we can make changes.  And I truly believe that moderation is the key to good health. 

“Moderation. Small Helpings. Sample a little bit of everything.  These are the secrets of happiness and good health.” -Julie Child-  Fact: Julia Child lived to 91 years old.

 Dietitian Confessions

Diva Dietitian

Kristie Finnan is a Registered Dietitian/Licensed Nutritionist, Freelance Writer and Published Children's Author. She is the Mom of 3 and Food Snob with a passion for Nutrition Education, Healthy Kids Foods, Marketing and Social Media. Kristie is the Creative Director/Editor for www.DivaDietitian.com and www.KidsLoveFood.com & Founder of www.DoylestownNutrition.com. Diva Dietitian blogs in Full Disclosure. Please see: http://kristiefinnan.com/about/disclosure.

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  • Ah, so glad you shared this Kristie! I often get the same judgment being a Yoga Instructor and having people think I am the perfect Yogi, who practices yoga everyday, never eats meat and has positive thoughts every moment of the day. As professionals, I think it’s important for our clients and students to see we are real people and often it is our REAL life that makes us better role models and teachers so we can better share our trials and tribulations with others. You know I’m a big believer in BALANCE and that means taking the good with the big bad CHOCOLATE MOUSSE!!! :)

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